Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 DR Discipleship Trip Day: 4b

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

This is the continuation of yesterday's post...

Disclaimer: NO alchohol was please don't worry about your kids!

This was one of the songs that the guys were working on at the church, it was just a "for fun".

Video by: Connor

After the painting was finished we went outside to wash the brushes and to wait for Mr. R to say it was time to go home. For the time of waiting...we played cheese. A game where players stand in a circle with the right hand in the shape of pointing to something and the left hand open flat, this is so that the narrator can craft a story and each time the narrator uses the word "cheese" players try to catch someone's finger at the same time that they avoid other players from capturing their finger. Predictably, Mr. R won.

Then we played Ninja, I hope you all know how to play this hilarious game. But, before we could begin the game Patrick and Connor were called away to help the professionals paint the molding because they are tall enough to reach without assistance. They were willing and put up no protest, they were wonderful examples of being servants! Following this brief interruption we began the ninja game. Rogers and I got Mr. R out of the game, whoot! The game was ended between Rogers and Josh with a half million moves between them before Josh finally won the game.

At this point Connor and Patrick were finished painting and we headed home. The showers might be my favorite part of mid-day. So we chilled for a while before our plans (once again) changed and we headed to the Santanas for dinner.

At the Santana's we first had introductions. Greeting people is a big deal in probably everywhere other than America...not greeting your host and any person you're with is rude. So everyone hugged and kissed everyone else. Then we sat down and talked for a while. We learned that Mrs. Santana is a part of an organization that promotes the sovereignty of nations and the sanctity of life. This was such a neat talk because it bonded us on more than just a friend level but on spiritual, political, emotional, and economic issues.

They had fixed an awesome super consisting of (ham) lasagna and roast beef sandwiches with a ton of mushrooms.

There is a story you need to hear.
It was the night of the fishes...when suddenly Mr. R asked Janie if she was "wasted", this was due to her being so exhausted that she asked, "What's a fish?" (I wonder if she was expecting some Spanish translation or something..)  Since this moment we've held onto a few phrases...

"What's a fish" cousin to "Oh my fishes" and "wasted." Thus we can now continue with the evening's events.

Anytime we are around Jorge, Pamela, and Hector, we will end up playing a sick game called "Mao"...if you've never played and if you don't like detective work, then this is not for you, save your tears and play something simple and friendly like: monopoly...


Hector brought a whole carton of grape juice into the room for drinks while we played, and so the joke of being "wasted" just kept going. The worst part to it...we're all baptists...well...there is this one presby... So, Josh warned Janie not to get wasted, and her face colored, as most of the people in the room are under 20 anyways,'s the DR, there is no drinking age.

Connor's phone has an epic time laps thing, and so we used it to watch the Mao game progress.  Keep in mind two things as you watch the game.

1) 10 seconds = 1 hour
2) overtime the cards are placed on the table the game as been paused for arguing until the Mao makes us pick them up again...

Video by: Connor

Jorge was Mao...shock.
But...Knepps still won! GO KNEPPS!!!

After Mao we went to Valentino's!!!!! I rode with Pamela and Edwardo and ordered chinola and Mama Que Bueno (it tasted like Nutella and something crunchy). On the way over Emanuel backed into Patrick's car, but thankfully no one was at all hurt and the cars are good to go! The whole time of Valentino's I tried to figure out who had the better university: Pamela or Emanuel. I learned a lot about the Dominican education system but even more about how dominican's argue and laugh together.
The DRians are precious. They speak their mind, no filter, like it is, but they love and laugh just as crazy.

When all the ice cream was devoured and all American's sleepy we went home. The girls went to bed straight away while Connor, Mr. R, and Josh jammed till after midnight.

I can't get over how wonderful it's been to read I Thessalonians with the girls every night. I'm loving every night more and looking forward to it in the afternoons. It's been bonding us together more than I imagined it would be.
I read the first chapter then it's Rogers, Knepps, and Janie and we're taking turns with the 5th chapter in the prayerful hopes that Jenn will join us and be our 5th chapter reader.

- no one is sick!
- the church is entirely painted
- lots of wonderful bonding has either been created or strengthened

Prayer Requests:
- that no one gets sick
- that Jenn can come
- that the rest of our trip will go smoothly

Jessie Bear

John 14:26
"But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you."

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