Thursday, February 18, 2016

Goals for 2016

The goals I have for this year may seem either too small or too big, that's okay! That's why they are my goals. I've prayed and thought long and hard over each of them and none of them are new goals in my life. Each of these has either been on my mind or has been slowly gaining ground in practice for a long time. Some of them are big goals for me some are easily reached but I wanted both to be here for a specific purpose.

If my goals are all too hard to finish then I will end the year with a sense of defeat.
If my goals are all too easy and offer no challenge for my intellect or body then upon completion there is no victory.
By mixing a combination of both I will have small victories to motivate me to the larger victories. You see?

A play on the phrase from Andy Mineo...

Not to just rock the boat,
I mean to sink it,

To walk on the water,
Dance on the waves,

That's my 2016 goal.
What's your's?

This year I refuse to fear failure.

I will fall.

I will mess it all up.

I will come up short.

I will fail.
But that will not be the end.

I've revised how I will set goals. I've tried to make them bigger yet more attainable. Thinking of an oxymoron? You'll see.

Writing - 150,000 words

In my writing I have set a goal of 150,000 words blogged. Those words will be any that end up on a published post that I author, either here or on other blogs.

Minimalist - reform all things to needed and enjoyed

I love the concept of minimalism. Living with only the things that are needed and enjoyed. This applies to much more than just "stuff", but covers social media, people, responsibilities (not talking about shirking on your jobs, but only taking on responsibilities that make sense, not over exstending yourself when it's not smart!), and how I think. Don't worry, I'll be talking more on this topic.

Cross Country - regular runs and a big race

I would love to be even more regular with running, so my goal is at least two times a week I'll be hitting the road and trails for good runs. Also this year, I want to run a race, a timed event. I now have some proper running shoes, a team, and I've got heart to run harder this year than last year.

Be healthier - small and steady

I'll be working on setting up a bed time for myself. That may seem odd for a 24 year old to have a bed time, but it isn't rather it is wisdom. Also, I am starting my morning routine, and I hope to be sharing that with you soon. Lastly on this list, I want to be doing yoga about 3 times a week in the morning maybe right after my runs.

Penmanship - Improvement

I love to write! Obviously, as this blog is evidence of that. But I really like to write with my pen and pencil. With going to the University of Central Oklahoma this fall, note taking on paper or my computer will be very important. Style, structure, speed, and note taking styles are things I'm hoping to work on in this endeavor. I am looking for ways to improve my penmanship this year, so if you have any suggestions...please let me know!

Music - Instrumentation and Technique

I am playing in the UCO Horn Choir under the direction of Dr. Peggy Moran, it's the highlight of my horn career thus far. I love it! So naturally I aim to work on my horn this year. Yet, I do not want to fail to play the other instruments that I have skill with, thus I have a goal to keep up with my flute and trombone this year.

Faith - Dig Deep

This is listed last but is far from being least important. It is the most important goal actually. I aim to read more Scripture and to dig into it deeper. Submit to the will of the Lord no matter the personal cost. I want to be known as someone who prays. Also, I need to be meditating on the Word more every day.

So, these are my goals. What are yours?

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him."
James 1:2-5

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Looking back on 2015's Goals

 I wanted to review my goals from last year so that I might have a more realistic view to set my 2016 goals. Seeing how it's February 14th and not January 1st you can see that I've chosen not to go with the fad of New Year's resolutions but have opt for what has been most stable for me; that is, not be restricted to societies version of success. For me success has been to satisfy the spirit of my goals rather than the letter of them. Example is the removal of coffee from my year, some would say I utterly failed, and they are welcome to their opinion, it just isn't relevant to my goals. My success is personal and motivates me no matter how small the goal. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress as much as I have thoroughly been encouraged by it all.


I had a running goal of a 5k in under half an hour, I ran the 5k, but due to it being combined with a marksmanship competition, it was far from the half hour half of the goal. I joined the Knight's Cross Country team in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They inspire me every week of season and off season. I remember the first week of running with them, we were to run a warm up mile (previously my best run was round 1.3 miles), 6 half mile repeats (that is we ran a half mile, rest for 2 or 3 minutes, run another half mile), then a cool down mile. If you kept count that was 5 miles during the practice. I was slow and only ended up logging 4 miles, but that was 3 miles further than any other day I'd ever done. In my book anything that is 400% improvement is AWESOME! I think the longest day on the 2015 season was 6 miles in practice, but the most brutal day for me was the day of the timed mile. I warmed up with 1 mile before the team arrived, did their 1 mile warm up, 1 mile timed, 1 mile cool down. Because, again, I'm slower than the team it seemed that I didn't get chances to stop running and breath, but I didn't give up. That was my personal goal, to never quit, no matter what. It burned, let it, I never quit.

Facebook and Twitter

I made the goal of staying off Facebook and Twitter for a whole year. That one was the easiest of all my goals, literally because I didn't have to do anything to maintain the goal. I loved it, it was awesome! I've logged back in on Facebook but hardly go on there, I turned off the notifications so that they wouldn't drive me nuts. I have Messenger, and that's been interesting. I wish people could see how much they chat each other instead of actually verbally speaking. You can tell me all day how you could survive a month without social media, but until you DO IT, then you are all talk and no walk. Are you going to talk the talk or can you stand to walk the walk?


No caffeine for the year wasn't one I kept up, I did back off the amount a lot, but not a 100% purge from my life. I have no regrets with that one. I'm happy with my current consumption of coffee. But I'll say this of going off of caffeine for a while, I realized what addiction is and what it means to break it off.  Migraines, weakness, cravings, the whole deal, and it was amazing to discover what it feels like to be addiction free! Now, coffee, soda, teas, it is a choice a decision based on my mind instead of an impulse or "need" for the hit. Caffeine is again effective for a stimulant rather than just a taste.

Reading and Praying

My goals for reading my Bible and Praying more were successful! I am thankful for those goals, and will always be working on them. I not have a print out that allows me to color in bubbles when I read each chapter in my Bible because I don't like trying to read "straight through the Bible in a year", I'd rather soak up the word than blow through it. If you can read that fast and absorb the Truths, then that's epic! But I wonder how many do it for the bragging rights of "I read the Bible in a year, can you?" instead of trudging through a book and digging in deep to grow. Grow your roots deep, seek the deepest water, then you can weather the roughest storms.


I had a goal of writing and keeping a journal for the year. I did! I was and am soooooo happy about my progress and consistency. I was given a journal for my 24th birthday this year and I've been using it as a "convictions" journal. So when I am convicted about something, for example needing to be more consistent with my prayer life I'll write it in my journal with a date. Hopefully as I go through the year I will be able to go back and read the convictions and see how God has grown me in them.

Happy Valentines Day!

"I am my beloved's,
and his desire is for me."
Song of Solomon 7:10

I don't want to rock the boat,
I mean to sink it.
~ Andy Mineo

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

OHB Stage Band Trip to Branson, MO

Right now I'm at Stone Castle Inn found in Branson, MO. It's a cute hotel, each room has a painting above each bed and the outside of the building has several stone structures. It's split between three large buildings, like links in a chain set in a giant parking lot. The first building has the lobby and check in desk. Food is served in the second building which also houses the main pool, hot tub, and game lounge. The last of the three buildings is mainly rooms, cleaning storage lockers, and also has a pool for guests. Everyone's trip to Branson began yesterday morning.

Tuesday was the Oklahoma Homeschool Band's (OHB) Christmas concert. So all the families loaded up for the rehersal and concert, and all those who drive long distances to go to the concert also planned to stay overnight. I stayed the night with my sister at our Stage Band (jazz) Director's house in Edmond, OK. This was the preview for today's adventures...

at 5 am
when my darling sister woke me up so she could take her shower and do yoga. For about 20 minutes I made my attempt to sleep but failed and drug my body out of bed. As I've been sealing my clothing in plastic bags on this trip Ihad to get all my clothes out then grab the clothes for today and repack what wasn't for the day. Later I would realize that I would need to unpack to repack my pajamas. Figures. I got dressed, got coffee, stripped the bed with Beth, then we quietly tidied up the room. All of this before our hosts came out to check on us.

Just after
6:30 am
we piled into Mr. Rye's truck and hit the road. I gave dirrections as his navigator and we arrived a few minutes before departure time. The night before we had written on my family's suburban (The Tank) with chalk paint, so when they arrived a few other cars in our caravan painted their's as well. Then after driving to Branson for an hour and a half, the truck needed gas. At this stop we met up with one more car, and painted 2 more cars. Again, at the next stop we joined up with another car and 2 more cars were painted. By now all but two or three cars have been decorated.

11:00 am
the caravan arrived in Joplin, MO for an early lunch. The plan was for the group to meet in the Starbucks parkinglot then have an hour to eat wherever they wanted and regroup to continue to Branson. Plans never quite work out so it was more than an hour, but not too long before we were back on the road. Antiscipation ran high as turns became more frequent and billboards for our hotel, dinner reservations, and concert building came into view.

Hours ahead of schedule we pull into the Stone Castle Inn, so we gathered in a bunch and went over rules then dispersed to do as each pleased. After unpacking and settling into my room, the boys went to swim, Mom is napping, Beth is chilling, I'm writing this update before heading down to play Apples to Apples with the gang.

We'll be eating
at 6:00 pm
then going putt putting. I'm looking forward to the putt putting. If I have time (and brain cells left) I'll try to write more after we settle in for the night.

Have a great evening!

Trombone 3 out!


Jessie Bear

John 13:34-35

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."