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Dominican Republic Discipleship Trip 2014 - Day 4 in Santo Domingo (July 26)

Day 4 - Saturday

So, I'm a day "behind" in journaling so that I can write about the FULL day. Thus Day 4 is being blogged on Day 5. On Day 4 I blogged about Day 3, and I don't know if you noticed or not, but the time that it was posted was later than the first 2 days... This was due to a few things, one being spotty internet. When we went to the church, I was able to get internet and post the blog. For this post, I was unable to finish it before scurrying off to Church, but the church we went to did not have an internet connection for my lap top, so I have needed to wait till now to post!

Fried eggs,
Mashed potatoes,
Café/pear juice/milk,

Marathon Class - The lifestyle of the living and the dead
Josue taught for two hours about the lifestyles of those who are dead in sin and those who are alive in Christ. This class was the “capstone” of the last 3 years of seminary classes that Mr. Raimundo has been teaching, it is also the final lesson for this year’s DR trip “Theological Heart Surgery” class. I have a few notes to share for you to be thinking about.

"The heart was designed to worship. You are always worshipping something.”
"The thing is not to do right, but to do it right.”
"The man who is NOT slow to speak IS quick to anger.”

I forgot to charge my lap top and was at 18% when I got to the church. I actually have prayed for my wifi signal before, but this time I was praying that my battery would last though the class. Through the whole time it lasted!
  • searching for a wifi signal for more than half and hour,
  • internet for about 3 hours,
  • typing for 3.5 hours

I was so thankful! God is epic!

From class…I have a question for you!
First is a list of three characteristics of God, these three things have ALWAYS been, and will be eternally True. Then is a list of three characteristics of man. At the end of the list is a question…please comment with your answer to the question, and if you desire to, please give your reason.

Three characteristics of the Lord:
- Infinite
- Complete
- Self-sufficient

Three characteristics of Man:
- Finite
- Incomplete
- Dependent

When did man begin to be those three characteristics? (As in, was there ever a time when man was NOT those things?)

After the marathon class we decided to take a group picture, unfortunately all the Grove family was at the main apartment to rest and regroup as a family. But the Raimundo’s and the 7 non-Raimundo/Grove group peeps were able to take a picture together with a handful of the DRians.
After the class and pictures, we walked over to the apartment to get with the Groves, and I got the chance to charge my lap top! (Thank you Jenn!!!!) I plugged in my lap top and then we walked to lunch at La Quinta.


We walked back to the house, and went to the church once more, this day’s goal was to finish painting. Before I went up to the roof, I learned that there would be a group going to the Bravo market. I asked to go with the excursion to gather food. So the expedition group was comprised of myself, Jenn, Joanna, Mr. Raimundo, and one of the joint owners of the market, and crawling into the car we were off! A curious series of adventures awaited us at the market...

First, we were met in the parking garage by Segway riding “security” people wearing gas masks…don’t ask why, I have no idea...

Then we found ourselves on a smooth escalator going up to the main level for the market, it was like a “people mover” belt…but at the angle of an escalator. Once inside, Joanna and I talked about how cold the AC felt. I realized at this point that my jeans were INSIDE out for painting…so here I am in the DR wearing jeans and my shirt inside out (in case you don’t know, the culture here dresses nicer than the US culture…even the poor people wear polo shirts…).

Decked out in my snazzy attire, I grabbed a cart/buggy/basket (choose the name you understand) and began my DR driving practice! Joanna also got the chance to do this! It was fun and a lil silly...but more fun that way! One thing we found by their (heavenly) smell was the cinola fruit! <3 It smells wonderful! (I wish it was legal to bring these back to the States…) We also found the zapota fruit, and it did not look at all like what I suspected it would. Joanna and I were meal planning and decided that we would be cooking purple/yellow/green cauliflower sometime next week. (shh!! Don’t tell the group, they don’t know yet!)

Just over half finished shopping, we came across monster lobsters…they were huge, I got a picture…someone needs to remind me to load pictures…eventually… As we were in line to check out, I finally begged Mr. Raimundo enough that he let me grab Sprite and limes! So, soon we can enjoy that refreshing treat!

When we got back to the house we went right over to the church…where we again played ninja, and finally after much practice (not really)…i won a game! The cost was a close call with a black eye…Babes’ offensive move went for my eye instead of hand…but it’s all good now!
Because of going to the Bravo market, back to the house for hang time and sandwiches, and chill out for the evening.

Same exact thing as yesterday...
Cinola Ca <3

At the apartment we sang some songs and had a Theological Heart Surgery (THS) class. It was amazing...I'm sure I will blog about open heart surgery later... Thus we went home, and I was able to  do a call with Dad, Momma, Ruth, and Buddy (Charlie). Not too much later I fell asleep the point where when my alarm went off...I walked over through the whole room to find it and kill it, then went back to bed and was out like a light again.

Please Pray For:
- everyone's health, pray that we don't get sick.
- on Monday we are driving to Jarabacoa in the mountains, pray for a safe drive!
- that people would see Christ who is our Father, and not see us as ourselves, but that we are His children and we look like Him.

In Summary:
I'm behind in posting...sorry!!!!
Mangu is awesome.
I want to take Mr. Raimundo's class.
God answers prayers, even about wifi and batteries...
I hope you answer my theological question...

I Timothy 2:5-6
“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time.”

Jessie Bear

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