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Dominican Republic Discipleship Trip 2014 - Day 3 in Santo Domingo (July 25)

Day 3 has been (by FAR!) our most structured day...but since a morning meeting time wasn't agreed on, the morning kinda floated by as we hung out.


bread with jelly or with sandwich meat/cheese,
cereal and milk,

After we ate, we went over to the apartment to meet with the Groves and Raimundo family units. There, we all sat around waiting and waiting (pay attention, this is a theme...) and eventually rolled around to getting on task. (Jessica Grove gave me a wonderful back rub and shoulder/neck massage…hehe….**happy sigh**)

Heading out, we merely exit our building and turn left and walk for a few blocks and ta-da! The Church we go to is there. The task we were given was to paint the outside of the second story balcony and to remove the ceiling tiles from adjacent rooms. With only 2 rollers and 2 paint brushes for the 19 of us to share...we sent a good handful in to take out the tiles.

As that made short work with them, we sent word for people to get us more paint, rollers, tape, and brushes. Then went back to waiting and waiting. We played ninja! We taught Mrs. Grove to play ninja, that was epic. Jason Grove is thus far the reigning ninja Master.

Eventually, rollers, brushes, and tape showed up but no paint. So, we went on painting with what we had until it was almost completely gone. At this time it was about 1300 (1pm) and we were hot, tired, and saying "tengo hambre" (I'm hungry). We then walked to a small place for lunch.


rice of some sort,
cinola juice (I will tell about this wonderful drink in another post, I'm sure)

Then we walked back to finish using all the paint we had. I climbed up to help paint from the roof, and discovered that the roof is made of corrugated metal. It was only after getting up there that I realized it's mostly rust held up by flimsiest of structures. We who were on the roof had to walk on the 2-3 inch wide concrete lip that blended the metal in with the cinderblock wall. I think around 6 of us had ended up going up there. I did not like it at all, and got down as soon as the paint ran out. Ugh! In my opinion, that was scarier than jumping off the 27 foot part of the waterfall last year (ooh! And we're doing that again this year!)...

As I said, the paint ran out, and we had asked for more. But it didn't come, so we played ninja, and then I taught them to play "the human knot" that went over well and we played quite a few rounds of it. Our first was unsolvable, the second was two interlocking loops, and the 3rd was finally a single loop that was quickly solved.

Then we went back to waiting and waiting for paint, after about 45 minutes of doing nothing we realized that the paint wasn’t going to come that day. So we walked home to the apartment. Then my group of the 7 non-Raimundo/Grove peeps went to our house for quick showers and to dress nicely to go out for dinner.

When we arrived back with the others, we were told that we would be eating at the apartment with our dinner delivered to us. (So much for dressing up to go out…) Here at the apartment we again sat waiting and waiting. This time we were waiting for food and juices.


Sandwiches (a toasted hoggie bun, with melted cheese, and a shredded meat of some sort…beef I think),
Sapota Ca,

After dinner we sang a few songs, then began our study. We managed to do an overview of Colossians 1:1-2. I may write up a short summary of that later for you all…because it was very good. After we finished the study, we were planning to sing a single song, then go to bed, buuuut…we decided to stay up late and sing songs.

Finally, we decided we needed sleep and to go home. Where Pamela and I stayed up a while looking up song lyrics in english and spanish to sing for the rest of the trip. When we have our song list, I’ll try to type out the titles so you can follow along.

Please pray for:
- continued health of those on the trip! Amazingly no one has gotten sick yet.
- to finish the project here at the church, it gives us a chance to give back and minister to the church who is doing so very much here in the DR.
- on Day 4 (which is "today" Saturday) Mr. Raimundo is teaching a marathon of 4 solid hours of teaching.
- that we would all soak up this teaching!
- that we would not succumb to the heat when painting today

In Summary:
A structured day ≠ todo list + time line
I like DRian food.
I love walking nearly everywhere we go.
Painting is is fun...human knot is fun...standing on rusted out roofing is not fun.
Singing with the group is totally epic!

oh! and massages are amazing.

Colossians 1:1-2
"Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother,
To the saints and faithful brothers in Christ at Colossae:
Grace to you and peace from God our Father."

Jessie Bear

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